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1.16 - Joey and The Tonight Show

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Due to someone else's cancellation, Joey gets a spot on the Tonight Show. On the way there, Gina and Joey pressure Michael to give the finger to someone who cut them off. He does; then, in a traffic jam, they get stuck next to the same vehicle, which just happens to belong to "Judoman". Joey just about gives up on getting to the Tonight Show on time, but Alex comes through at the last minute with a motor scooter which can easily slip through traffic.


Written by Doty Abrams
Directed by Andrew D. Weyman
Jay Leno as Himself
Antonio Sabato Jr. as Kyle
Thomas Fowler as The Director
Wayne Lopez as The Cop
Gerald Downey as Mercedes Guy
Melanie Abramoff as The Little Girl
Max Daniels as Little Judoman
Harley Zumbrum as Big Judoman

Information about original broadcast:

Air date: February 3, 2005
Run Time (with commercials): Approx 30 minutes

Points of Interest

Joey's Magna-Doodle: A guy in a hospital bed; a dog sitting nearby; the number 428 (room number?)