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1.08 - Joey and the Dream Girl, part 1

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Michael discovers that as a kid he was good at baseball, but his mom made him stop because she was afraid he'd get hurt. He tries unsuccessfully to pick it back up. Gina's high-school friend, Donna, comes to town; she's going through a divorce. Joey used to have a huge crush on her; he starts up a romance, against Gina's wishes. But once things get underway, her husband calls and wants to get back together.


Written by Brian Buckner
Directed by Gary Halvorson
Kelly Preston as Donna DiGregorio

Information about original broadcast:

Air date: November 4, 2004
Run Time (with commercials): Approx 30 minutes

Points of Interest

Joey's Magna-Doodle: A cowboy riding a bomb through the air (scene from Dr. Strangelove)