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1.24 - Joey and The Moving In

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Joey, not really ready to live with Sara, struggles to hide his feelings. While shopping for new stuff for their new life together, they both freak out. Michael gets tickets to the new Star Wars movie from Bobbie, but gets more than he bargained for. Joey and Sara agree to keep trying at their relationship, but then Sara moves to Washington without saying goodbye. Joey and Alex console each other about relationships, and end up kissing. Joey's show, Deep Powder, has an Internet promo where fans can vote for which character should die. Howard attempts to save Joey's character but accidentally votes thousands of times for Joey to die.


Written by Shana Goldberg-Meehan & Scott Silveri
Directed by Kevin S. Bright
Madchen Amick as Sara
Ben Falcone as Howard
Nat Faxon as Bodie
Colby Donaldson as Gunnar
Alex Ball as Todd
Michelle C Bonilla as The Saleswoman
Terence Bernie Hines as The Happy Man
Gloria Garayua as The Happy Woman
Reggie Jordan as The Man
Matthew Mulland The Cue Card Guy

Information about original broadcast:

Air date: May 12, 2005
Run Time (with commercials): Approx 30 minutes

Points of Interest

Joey's Magna-Doodle: Early in the show, it was just a spot on the board, which may have been a coconut. Later, it was a couple of coconut palms on a small island, with a shark swimming nearby.