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1.17 - Joey and the Valentine's Date

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Joey is being featured in an article for People magazine. While trying to charm the interviewer (Judy), he asks her out to dinner, not realizing he's making a Valentine's Day date. Every attempt to undo the implied relationship just furthers the misunderstanding. Michael bonds with a group of women who are without men on the romantic holiday. Alex gets drunk and shares too much information with Gina, who evens things out by admitting one of her secrets: She can tap dance.


Teleplay by Robert Carlock
Story by Brian Kelley
Directed by Andrew D. Weyman
Dina Waters as Judy Wilson
Holly Joy as The Woman
John Ciccolini The Violinist
Amy Landers as Denise
Don Perry as Pop-Pop

Information about original broadcast:

Air date: February 10, 2005
Run Time (with commercials): Approx 30 minutes

Points of Interest

Joey's Magna-Doodle: A Bulldog sitting on a chair.