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1.01 - Pilot

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Joey moves to L.A. (by way of Dallas) to pursue his acting career. He's been offerred two parts: The starring role in a new cable cop show, "Blue Wall," and a male nurse in "Nurses." His choice is "Blue Wall." He settles into his new California life with the help of his sister Gina and her 20 year old son, Michael. Michael lives with his mom but wants to move in with Joey, which upsets Gina. Joey's show is dropped. His agent (Bobbie) gets him an audition to host an entertainment news show, but blows it when he can't look into the right camera. Joey meets his pretty neighbor, Alex, and doesn't realize at first that she's married.

From the "Joey is still Joey" department:
Joey: I was the star of a show! And now I'm the guy who turned down "Nurses." Which is strange, because in real life, I would never turn down a nurse!


Written by Shana Goldberg-Meehan & Scott Silveri
Directed by Kevin S. Bright
Wayne Wilderson as Director #2
Jason Huber as The Taxi Driver
Matthew Mullany as The Director
Lawrence A. Mandley as The Slate Guy
Nancy O'Dell as herself
Ethan Erickson as Sam
Tommy Perna as The Criminal

Information about original broadcast:

Air date: September 9, 2004
Run Time (with commercials): Approx 35 minutes
Nielsen Rating: 18.6 million viewers

Points of Interest

The pilot that aired on 9/9/2004 was a reworked version of the original pilot. Originally, Ashley Scott was cast as Alex. Actually, "Allison" was the character's name at that point. Test audiences didn't like her well enough, so she was replaced and her scenes reshot. (Editor's note: I've seen the original pilot, and I actually prefer Ashley Scott in the role.) Pat O'Brien was originally featured in the Access Hollywood segment. That scene was reshot with Nancy O'Dell because Pat left Access Hollywood before the pilot aired.

Joey's Magna-Doodle was not up yet, as his belongings hadn't arrived yet.